Vaginal Health & Immune Supplement AHCC

Due to the recent global pandemic, which has drastically impacted daily life, there is a significantly increased interest in immune supplements of all types. Your immune system and vaginal health are closed connected. People are often confused, ruled by fear and frenzy, and open to being told mistruths in times of stress. Retaining our demeanor and mental stability in situations like these is crucial.

Consumers must conduct adequate research and reasonable diligence when purchasing anything for their health. To aid in your investigation, here is a brief summary of some of the data that is factually accurate and readily accessible regarding what many in the healthcare profession believe is game changer for immune health, a supplement called AHCC®.

A patented fungus formula, AHCC®, was first created in Japan in the 1980s. It has been recognized for its medicinal qualities employed in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Asian countries (TCM).

This ingredient has a very low molecular weight, improving the body’s capacity to properly assimilate it into the blood. It is one of its most enticing qualities from a health standpoint. This substance has been demonstrated to have numerous alleged health advantages that are mentioned as follows:

  • Keeps cytotoxic t-cell activity at its peak
  • Tends to increase dendritic cell production and activity
  • Enhances macrophage and natural killer cell function
  • Could increase cytokine production

Although these might seem like bold statements, only a few supplements have undergone as much vigorous research as AHCC®. Shiitake mushrooms have a long history of being employed in Japanese medicine and cuisine.  Some benefits of AHCC® include its ability to support:

  • Natural Killer Cells:These White blood cells are known as the body’s main defense against diseases from outside the body or contaminated cells. These cells detect and eliminate the hazards our body faces daily.
  • Dendritic cells:These immunity-supporting cells also fall under a different category. They are essential parts of the immune reaction and are beneficial in recognizing dangerous pathogenic organisms.
  • Cytokines:To regulate an immune reaction, cytokines keep the lines of communication open between diverse immune system components. By imagining a contemporary army without contacts, you may see how important cytokines are to the immune response.
  • Macrophages:Macrophages are remarkable white blood cells that support the immune system response by eliminating potentially hazardous waste products from the body’s systems and locating and eliminating infectious pathogens.
  • B and T Cells:Also commonly referred to as lymphocytes, these important cells give the body the memory needed by the immune system to maintain the body’s immunity. If it weren’t for these resistant system cells, we would have been getting sick by the same disease-causing pathogens multiple times since our body won’t be able to build a resistance system.

Watch Out for Fake AHCC

Lately, it’s been discovered in various instances where there are fake editions of the patented ingredient, AHCC®, were listed for sale on many websites across the internet going by the same name as “AHCC” or “Active Hexose Correlated Compound”. Such knockoffs are entirely replicated to look the same as the real AHCC® supplements and products and even claim to offer all the advantages of genuine AHCC®.

But remember that these substances are made from different raw materials even if they are produced in Japan. Real AHCC® goes through a patented process to formulate this unique ingredient and only one company in the world manufactures it. It is important to steer clear of these counterfeit products for the sake of your health.  Real AHCC® will typically have the registration mark ® and will also credit in the ingredients supplement facts the following “AHCC® is a registered mark of the Amino Up Co., Ltd, JAPAN.”  The ingredient is only sold to very few high-quality companies.  You can trust you are getting genuine AHCC® if you purchase from HPD Rx.  You can also buy this real AHCC® on their Amazon store.  If products use the name AHCC without the trademark or call themselves Active Hexose Correlated Compound do a bit more research before you purchase.

Some Unknown Facts about AHCC®

The first batch of AHCC® was produced due to a collaboration between a Japanese doctor and a pharmaceutical company. The fundamental ingredient used in the manufacturing of AHCC® is shiitake mushroom, but the presence of other components is equally as important.

Yet, when contrasted with other pharmaceutical mushrooms, one distinctive element is that AHCC® is only retrieved from the mycelia (roots) instead of the cap (ripening body). This greatly enhances medical benefits and can inhibit agitation, which mushroom microbes can induce. The various mycelia are cultivated in modified rice harvest in a precise procedure. The expansionism involved in the synthesis of AHCC® needs around one and a half to two months to complete.

Can I Take an AHCC® Supplement If I Have a Mushroom Allergy?

This is a simple and frequently asked query. Fortunately, if you’re intolerant to mushrooms, you do not have to be denied the medical perks that AHCC® can bring. This is because allergies are almost always linked to fungal spores, not the root, where AHCC® gets its name.

If you still have an allergic response, you should consult your general practitioner, but responsiveness to the microbes of the mushroom is the prevalent trigger among most allergic reactions. You must always seek medical advice before actually accepting any supplements.

It is necessary to remember that the Food and Drug Administration modulates pharmaceutical mushrooms as a supplement, implying authorities do not examine the ingredients of the goods or the truthfulness of claims made by merchants.

This means that you must exercise a higher level of due research than is typical for a customer. Never forget to examine anything going into your body thoroughly.

A Time-Proven Solution

AHCC® is made from mushrooms, which Asian civilizations have long used for therapeutic benefits. This contributes to separating AHCC® from other kinds of supplements. They may become more dependable and well-liked in Asian cultures and now in the US. Medicinal mushrooms can be a potent aid to your immunity and vaginal health.  You can safely rely on trademarked treatments like AHCC® to benefit you the most.