The Connection Between Mental Health and Sex

Numerous medical studies have found emotional and psychological health benefits from engaging in masturbation or having sexual intercourse with another person. These mental health benefits are similar to exercise, where you get an endorphin buzz that reduces stress and anxiety.

The mental health benefits you may experience from any sexual activity are as follows:

  • More feelings of calmness and relaxation
  • More feelings of trust and closeness with your partner
  • Easier to form intimate relationships
  • Easier to understand your emotions and express yourself emotionally
  • Build a more mature attitude about sex and intimacy

Older people can particularly benefit a lot from engaging in sexual activity. According to some research studies, older adults between the ages of 50 and 90 have a better chance of preventing memory loss if they are sexually active. In addition, they don’t experience as many feelings of loneliness or depression.

More Confidence and Self-Esteem 

An active sex life can increase your self-esteem and confidence while helping you appear more youthful. Some studies found sexually active people to look about ten years younger.

It doesn’t matter if the sexual activity is with yourself or a partner because these benefits will come either way. The reason can be attributed to increased estrogen production in your body, which happens during sexual activity.

Improve Relationship Satisfaction

Mutual sexual pleasure helps build the relationship between partners by satisfying their sexual desires without limitations. An active sex life with your partner could make you both feel satisfied with the relationship and reduce the risk of breaking up or feeling unsatisfied.

Can Masturbation Improve Mental Health? 

Masturbation can provide you with similar benefits as sexual intercourse with another person, such as higher self-esteem & confidence, enhanced youthfulness, increased sexual satisfaction, and a better understanding of one’s own body. Masturbation is excellent if you cannot find a sexual partner and want relief from sexual frustration.

Of course, masturbation is also one of the safest and least risky sexual activities because you don’t have anyone other than yourself. So there is no risk of contracting STDs or STIs, and certainly no risk of pregnancy.

Are There Health Benefits to Celibacy?

Some people believe sexual activity is vital for sustaining quality mental health. However, a study into the lives of celibate nuns, revealing that many nuns live to an average age of 90 to 100+ years old. How could that be?

Perhaps the nuns can sustain their good mental health by replacing their sexual desires with other forms of pleasure, such as music, pets, and their deep religious faith.


No one says you must be a nun or engage in celibacy to improve mental health. Instead, improving your mental health involves engaging in pleasurable activities. That could mean having sex and masturbating, or it could mean exercising and walking your dog. There are also supplements that can improve your sexual wellness, considered sexual health supplements.  These can support your cervical and prostate health.  Overall, sexual activity is only one way to improve your self-esteem, lower your risk of heart disease, and enhance your overall mental and physical health. But if you can engage in at least one or more activities to achieve this goal, that is all that counts.