Kardashian’s Vaginal Gummies

Kourtney Kardashian Overview

Kourtney Kardashian, the reality TV star, has shifted her career into the world of wellness with her blog, Poosh. She also launched a line of supplements called Lemme. Her latest addition to the vitamin range is causing some concern as she claims they can enhance the health of a woman’s vagina health.

Kourtney is promoting the product – Lemme Purr insta – by posting a controversial Instagram video where she displays herself with a bunch of cats while eating a gummy. In the caption, she states that vaginal health is an important aspect of a woman’s overall well-being. She also emphasizes that it’s not talked about enough. This is the reason that she is “supposedly” excited about this product.

Vaginal Health Claims

The main claim that Kourtney makes is that the gummies can improve the taste of a woman’s vagina. She claims that the product uses pineapple, probiotics, and vitamin C to optimize vaginal pH levels and overall health, ultimately resulting in freshness and taste.

Controversy Surrounding Claims

Kourtney’s claims have been criticized by Dr. Jen Gunter, a gynecologist and author of the bestseller, The Vagina Bible.  Dr. Gunter called Kourtney out on Instagram and stated that anyone who suggests that a woman’s vagina needs an improved taste or isn’t fresh is a misogynist and an awful person. Dr. Gunter also disputed the myth that pineapples can actually change the taste of the female’s bodily fluids.

Expert Opinion on Supplements

Maddy Dann, who is an A&E doctor, often shares TikToks about the sexual health of women. After the controversy, she also shared her thoughts with BBC Newsbeat on why she doesn’t believe the supplements will work. She explains that every person with a vulva or vagina has a different odor, scent, taste, and amount of discharge.

She worries that the Ad will give women the idea that something entirely normal is a problem that only the product can solve. Maddy adds that the gummies are probably useless, especially when you consider that the vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism.

If a woman is concerned about her vaginal health, she should seek the advice of a medical professional.

Takeaway Message

If a woman experiences a change in her vaginal odor or discharge, she should see a GP or a gynecologist, not a reality TV star. Women should be cautious of any product that claims to alter the taste or scent of their vagina as this is a natural and normal aspect of a woman’s body.  We hope that this article managed to highlight some misconceptions and false beliefs about vaginal flora.