Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories: Treatment for Yeast Infections, BV and Odor

Are you suffering from a chronic or reoccurring yeast infection or vaginal odor? Don’t be anxious; there are many people dealing with these issues! You can use Boric acid formulated suppositories to get relief from embarrassing, frustrating, and intolerable issues. Many people have been there, in the same situation as you, where they try antifungal and antibiotic medicine, but it didn’t show any results.

However, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, as 3 out of 4 women have suffered from yeast infections and vaginal odor at some point. It’s pretty natural to keep your body issues and worries private. I know it’s hard, but most of us keep it to ourselves, even though the success rate of doing nothing is zero.

The only possible solution we can think of is to consult a gynecologist. What if you could treat your yeast infection and vaginal odor at home, all by yourself? That might sound crazy, but it might be possible for you to treat it yourself without any issues. On top of it, it’s pretty safe to try.

What is Boric Acid?

Most of you might be unaware of what I’m about to share. In the early ages, boric acid was commonly used as a natural insecticide and antiseptic. It is an acid known as borate.

According to statistics, this ingredient mainly originated from Europe and North America’s volcanic regions. Due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it is fairly effective and efficient at treating some medical issues. Those who know a bit of chemistry understand why its acidic properties can help reset and maintain the pH balance of the vagina. It can also help balance the bacteria causes yeast infections to occur.

Boric Acid Suppositories Uses

When it concerns vaginal infections, boric acid vaginal suppositories are used to help treat the following:

Boric Acid Treatment for Vagina Infections

Boric acid can help you treat the following concerns:


Unlike other infections like BV, it is transferred through anal, vaginal, or oral sex. Boric acid can be your ultimate choice as it is a safe and 100% antibiotic-free method to eliminate infection. You won’t be bothered, as it doesn’t require any synthetic medications, as it is a naturally occurring substance.

Bacterial Vaginosis

The vagina contains good bacteria and bad bacteria. So, the leading cause of BV is an imbalance in vaginal pH.  A greyish and white discharge and a strong fishy odor can be a clear-cut sign of having BV.  There are many approaches to treating BV including a full-strict course of antibiotic drugs, probiotics supplements, and boric acid.

Vaginal Yeast Infections

These infections are caused by the imbalance of the yeast growth in the vagina. If you have a yeast infection you may feel uncomfortable, itchy, or even swelling in your vagina. One of the clear-cut symptoms of having a yeast infection is having a discharge that is thick and a cottage cheese-like substance.  You can treat yeast infections safely and naturally using Boric Acid instead of tons of medications.

How to Use Boric Acid Suppositories

Before using Boric Acid suppositories, you should consult with your health care provider to make sure there is nothing more serious you need to deal with.

How to Insert Boric Acid Suppositories

You can follow these simple and clear steps to insert it in no time.

  • Firstly, thoroughly clean your hands and wait until they dry
  • Take a suppository from the bottle or package
  • Ly on your back, with knees bent and fairly apart from each other
  • You can try standing with your knees apart if that’s more comfortable for you
  • Hold the suppository between your fingers or the applicator, and gently insert it as far as possible without hurting yourself
  • Rewash your hands
  • Wear a light fabric pantyliner to prevent your clothing from getting stained
  • Use the same method of inserting and keep the time routine the same preferably before bedtime
  • Use each evening for 3 days and you should see results

Risks and Side Effects

Boric acid vaginal suppositories are relatively safe and have been used for over a century. Here are the top things you must avoid when using boric acid:

  • You should never take it orally. It is highly toxic and you must never ingest them through the mouth.
  • Pregnant women should avoid using Boric acid suppositories to treat yeast infections.
  • Be sure to consult your doctor before using any new medicine and if you experience a watery discharge, burning, or redness around the area.


On average, how long does the Boric Acid suppository take to dissolve?

After inserting the Boric Acid suppository it will only take minutes to dissolve completely.

How long will it take to work and get results?

Here’s some good news for those struggling with vaginal issues. You can see the improvement in just one use. However, it is crucial to continue with your treatments as it eliminates the chances of the recurrence of the infection.

Is Boric acid good for resetting pH balance?

Yes, it is safe and one of the most effective methods for resetting and maintaining the pH level of your vagina. It brings back homeostasis due to its acidic property.

What can I do to prevent future vaginal infections?

We all know that prevention is better than cure. So, consistently use vaginal probiotics to balance the pH level of your vagina and keep it healthy.  They are crucial to use, as some people are prone to vaginal infections, so it will be an effective way to prevent future vaginal infections.

What Boric Acid Suppositories are the Best?

Now, you’ve received all the necessary information regarding Boric Acid vaginal suppositories and how you can use them.  After researching the various brands, I’ve concluded that Fem-Rx is one of the only brands created by OB/GYNs which makes this brand somewhat unique.  They can be purchased on their website or on Amazon.

According to their reviews, more than 97% of the customers would love to recommend to a friend suffering from the same vaginal issue. Also, women suffering from severe BV, vaginal odor, or UTIs can this natural remedy to cure them.