Underwear and Vaginal Health

Wearing underwear is a daily routine of many individuals, but what is the purpose of wearing it?

  • Reasons for wearing underwear include the desire to protect ourselves, as part of our fashion, and for comfort.
  • Wearing underwear comes with different benefits such as preventing the development of bacteria, enhancing self-confidence, and absorbing bodily secretions.
  • The recommended fabric for underwear by health professionals is cotton because it comes with a breathable material.
  • Every individual has their specific preference like boxer briefs or thongs, when choosing what to use to protect the genitals.  What other purposes do we need underwear?

What Is The Purpose Of Wearing Underwear?

Protect your clothes from sweat and body secretions

During our daily activities, we tend to secrete blood, sweat, urine, and vaginal discharge from our privates. These secretions can be caught by underwear, insulating them from our clothing. Individuals experiencing heavy discharge can easily obtain underwear that comes with thick fabric that can prevent leaking.

Reduces the chances of infection

The growth of specific bacteria, such as bacterial vaginosis (BV) can be prevented by wearing underwear made of cotton. Apart from bacteria growth and infections, underwear can stop some environmental toxins in their tracks, such as dirt, and fungi, from accessing our privates.

Eliminates chafing

Chafing happens whenever there is continuous contact between skin rubbing against skin or when the skin grazes clothing. The risk of chafing around the pelvis can occur when taking part in intensive exercises or wearing tight clothing.

Limits excessive sweating

We are aware that physical activities can induce a lot of sweating. However, it is important to wear underwear to enable the genital area to breathe during activity. Underwear made from Lycra and polyester is not recommended because they collect moisture leading to potential infections.

Reduces acne

Vaginal pimples can erupt from not wearing underwear or wearing ill-fitted ones. Genital or vaginal pimples are bumps that erupt around the vagina, which are usually caused by sweat, urine, or semen. When these secretions remain in the vagina area for a long time, they can cause pimples. Underwear can help soak up these substances to avoid a possible breakout.

Enhances self-esteem

Your self-confidence can be improved when you wear a pair of stylish undergarments. Wearing fashionable underwear can increase both your internal and external self-esteem, whether it is to arouse your partner or for personal satisfaction.

Positioning menstrual products

Underwear can be beneficial to those who menstruate by helping them properly position menstrual products such as panty liners and pads. Also, underwear can prevent leakage during unforeseen circumstances.

Prevents camel toe

Camel toe, as popularly known, is when the outline of the vagina is visible under clothing. Women who avoid wearing underwear would likely have a camel toe as the clothing might possibly get latched against the vagina. Wearing cotton-made underwear can help avoid embarrassment like this.

Ensures the genitals stay dry

As previously stated , the genital area can become the habitat of bacteria if excessive moisture is allowed to remain. Wearing underwear that covers your genitals will help to regulate moisture, and eventually, help to prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria.

Choosing the perfect underwear for your body

Now that we are aware of the purpose of wearing underwear, the tips provided below will help you choose the ideal underwear.

Avoid tight underwear

Not wearing underwear is almost the same as wearing tight underwear. Tightly fitted underwear can stop moisture, which can attract and keep dangerous bacteria in the genitals. That said, ensure that you always wear comfortable underwear that will give a bit of breathing room.

When to avoid wearing underwear

Even though underwear can help keep infections at bay, individuals prone to consistent yeast infections can avoid wearing underwear.

Avoid certain  fabrics

The ideal fabric when choosing underwear is cotton. Cotton is breathable and will ensure that your genital area stays dry and cool the entire day.

Change your underwear immediately after workouts

After every workout session make sure to change your undergarments without delay. You can also change your underwear before leaving the gym to prevent any possible development of bacteria, before getting to shower at home.

Underwear for your well-being

Numerous benefits come with wearing underwear, especially to protect the well-being of your vaginal health.

You can always visit the underwear or lingerie store in your area to get an ideal undergarment that will fit you perfectly if you are not sure about the size of underwear to buy. Also, if you are experiencing vaginal discharge, or inconvenience wearing underwear or have a medical condition, you can reach out to your physician for professional medical advice.

Just remember, underwear is there to protect you!